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The Imaginative Power of the Region: Learning for the SDGs together

Tue 22nd March 2022 - RCE Network

RCE Fryslan (SPARK), based in the most northerly province of the Netherlands, hosted an inspiring online Europe Regional RCE get together in February 2022. An online magazine has now been launched to share the outcomes of this meeting, with direct access to recordings from the different elements of the programme, interviews with some of the… [read more]

RCE Scotland co- hosts Global RCE webinars in the lead up to the 12th Global RCE Conference

Tue 2nd March 2021 - RCE Network

On 4th February 2021 LfS Scotland was delighted to co-host, with the Global RCE Service Centre,  the first of two online webinars to be held in the lead-up to the 12th Global RCE Conference. ‘RCE Global Network 2021: Achieving the SDGs: Action through Learning’ brought together more than 120 attendees, with representation from all regions of the RCE… [read more]

UK and Ireland RCEs online forum considers role of RCEs within and beyond Covid-19

Fri 24th July 2020 - RCE Network

Steering Committee members from six RCEs (from the UK and Ireland) came together on 30 June to consider the role of RCEs within and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.  The focus of this online forum was to provide solidarity and support, to share challenges and opportunities associated with the pandemic  and to further consider the collaborations… [read more]

Collaboration, co-design and co-delivery: the 2019 RCE Europe Conference

Wed 2nd October 2019 - RCE Network

Twelve Regional Centres of Expertise from ten countries gathered in Heraklion, Crete, on 13-14th September for the annual European Regional RCE Meeting. Rebecca and Kirsten attended on behalf of RCE Scotland. With a particular focus on learning and teaching about sustainable food production and food security – and the inevitable links that this most inclusive… [read more]

Partnerships for the SDGs – the UK and Ireland RCEs meet in Wales

Mon 5th August 2019 - RCE Network

International sharing and collaboration is one of the joys of being part of the global family of 168 UN recognised Regional Centres of Expertise (RCEs) in Education for Sustainable Development. Here Learning for Sustainability Scotland Development Manager, Betsy King, shares her experience of attending the recent UK RCEs meeting hosted by RCE Cymru. In the… [read more]

Attending the 11th Global RCE Conference in Cebu, Philippines

Mon 7th January 2019 - RCE Network

Laura Curtis-Moss (member of the LfS Scotland Steering Group) and Kirsten Leask (co-vice Chair of LfS Scotland) attended the 11th Global RCE Conference on behalf of LfS Scotland. Here Laura tells us about the experience. Last month I was lucky enough to travel to the Philippines to represent Learning for Sustainability Scotland at the 11th… [read more]

Report from the Meeting of the UK Regional Centres of Expertise in ESD – June 2017

Thu 17th August 2017 - Courses & Events Summaries, RCE Network

LfS Scotland hosted a successful meeting of the UK Regional Centres of Expertise in ESD in Edinburgh in June 20th/21st 2017 with participants drawn from 6 RCEs from across the UK. The aims of the programme were: Promoting the key values and actions needed to take forward SDGs at a time of insecurity and uncertainty… [read more]

RCE London produce official report from the meeting of the European RCEs

Thu 15th September 2016 - RCE Network

Meeting of the European RCEs, London 22nd-23rd June 2016: Report  of key points A total of 45 people attended the meeting, with representatives from 17 RCEs. A high level of participation and engagement resulted in the following key points: Forced migration The issue of forced migration was important for the agenda. Alia Alzougbi of HEC… [read more]

RCE status achieved

Wed 12th December 2012 - LfS Scotland Updates, RCE Network

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the RCE Scotland application bid was successful. This year there were 32 RCE applications submitted for consideration from across the world, 15 from Europe, and the UNU have acknowledged 15 new RCEs for official announcement in January 2013. This will bring the total number of… [read more]