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Shaping the future: responding to the Wellbeing and Sustainable Development (Scotland) Bill

Wed 7th February 2024 - Courses & Events Summaries, Policy Advice and Responses

The Scottish Government recognises the duty to protect the interests of future generations. We also recognise that our ability to have a thriving society and economy is derived from the health of the planet.

Continually improving Scotland’s National Outcomes is one of the ways we can achieve these aims and ensure that we are able to deliver long-term and sustainable policy and delivery approaches. To do this, we need responses from people and organisations across Scotland.”

On 6th February, we held an event with colleagues from Scottish Government to explore and shape a response to the current consultation on the proposed Wellbeing and Sustainable Development (Scotland) Bill.

This ‘aims to improve decision making and the implementation of the National Performance Framework to ensure that all policy and delivery accounts for wellbeing and sustainable development.’

Click on the links below to view and hear more from our event, and read some of the comments made by participants during their small-group discussions: