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‘Catalysing a movement for change’: Learning for Sustainability in Scotland

Sun 1st October 2023 - Blog Posts, Communities, Further and Higher Education, LfS Scotland Updates, News, Policy Advice and Responses, Schools and early learning & childcare settings, Sustainable Development Goals, Young people

‘This vision and action plan is not just for a few, it is for everyone.”

The Scottish Government has now launched Scotland’s refreshed Learning for Sustainability action plan – “Target 2030: A movement for people, planet and prosperity“.

This aims to ‘build an inspiring movement for change so that every 3 to 18 place of education becomes a sustainable learning setting by 2030’.

People, Planet Prosperity: a Call to Action

At a time of economic, environmental and social crises, this refreshed and much-strengthened Action Plan has cross-party support; based on the original five strategic goals accepted by Scottish Government Ministers in 2013 and the subsequent, Vision 2030+: Concluding report of the Learning for Sustainability National Implementation Group (2016).

This Plan has been launched in the context of educational reform and system change in Scotland (see the Learning for Sustainability Scotland website for more) and offers a potentially ground-breaking opportunity to responding to the values, skills and knowledge  that are required for learners to thrive in an increasingly complex and interdependent world.

Catalysing a ‘Movement for Change’

Ahead of the Plan’s national ‘Call to Action’, we invited a cross-sectoral group of people from and outwith the education sector to bring ideas and perspectives at a round-table event to explore and uncover the essential ingredients which will catalyse this ‘Movement for Change’. Participants had the opportunity to reflect and discuss on the following questions:

  • From your experience, what is a movement for change?
  • From your experience in creating a movement for change, what are the key success factors?
  • What are common barriers and how can they be overcome?

They also took part in an open-space discussion and heard a range of perspectives from our guest speakers; including Professor Graham Donaldson, Helena Good from Daydream Believers, Mike Robinson from the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, Ian Menzies from Education Scotland, and Lang Banks from WWF Scotland.

Outputs from the meeting can be viewed here:

  1. Setting the scene: Dr Rehema White, University of St Andrews and Chair of Learning for Sustainability Scotland
  2. An introduction to ‘Target 2030‘: Ian Menzies, Senior Officer, Education Scotland
  3. ‘Bringing about a movement for change‘: Group discussions
  4. ‘Perspectives on a movement for change‘: Prof Graham Donaldson, Helena Good, Mike Robinson and Lang Banks
  5. ‘Catalysing a movement for change’: Open-space discussions

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