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‘Learning in a changing climate’: a Peruvian-Scottish exchange

Thu 1st June 2023 - Blog Posts, Communities, Courses & Events Summaries, Further and Higher Education, News, Schools and early learning & childcare settings, Sustainable Development Goals, Young people

What are the key competencies that students and educators need to engage constructively and responsibly with today’s world, and how can they be assessed?

On Thursday 25th May, we were delighted to welcome partners from University of St Andrews, PRISMA and SAGES – as well as delegates from across a wide range of organisations – to an in-person, bi-lingual intercultural exchange workshop and networking lunch with educators from Peru and Scotland.

This event offered an opportunity for exchange and dialogue about appropriate curricula and pedagogies in response to the global and local climate and nature crises we face. The exchange built on outputs from education for sustainable development (ESD) collaborations between Scotland and Peru and the Erasmus+ ESD SuperVision 4.0 project with partners from across Europe.

Sharing and learning together

Over the course of the morning, delegates had the opportunity to:

  • Hear about approaches in both Peru and Scotland to developing values, skills and knowledges for climate adaptation and sustainability
  • Explore the curricular interventions needed to equip learners to adapt to our ever-changing world
  • Share perspectives on Learning for Sustainability challenges and opportunities

You can view the slides from this event by clicking on the following links:

Comments from our plenary session

Delegates got into breakout rooms at the end of the session to share their reflections on the event. Here’s a summary of the comments they then shared in the final plenary session:

  • “It’s good to work with people from diverse backgrounds. We can all learn from each other and this workshop was a good example of this.”
  • “There are similarities between experiences and agendas in Scotland and Peru – such as attempts to achieve tangible measures of learning and understanding and competencies, but there are also shared challenges, such as the capacity to measure competencies, outcomes and impacts; and how to balance measurement and flexibility of delivery. In Scotland and the wider UK, the methodologies we use to measure learning can often dictate what is taught and how this is done, rather than what needs to be learned.”
  • “Peru is integrating projects across communities; with the value of intergenerational learning and the importance of authenticity through children’s voices being particularly apparent.”
  • “Traditional knowledge and indigeneity in Scotland should be recognised, celebrated and included in debates and practices on wider learning.”