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Report from the LfS Scotland Jan – Dec 2021 AGM

Mon 17th January 2022 - News

At the start of Scotland’s ‘Year of Stories’, on 12 January 2022, Learning for Sustainability Scotland members met online for our annual gathering; providing a chance to re-connect with each other and the natural world and to share our experiences.

Exploring the theme, ‘‘Stories for Sustainability’ transformational learning through the personal and political’, around 100 members celebrated stories for sustainability and their transformational power. There was a chance to hear some of our members’ inspiring stories, and to explore how to tell our stories in new ways in response to the ever-changing and challenging times we find ourselves in.

Our Chair, Rehema White, and Director Pete Higgins, set out the current context for Learning for Sustainability globally and in Scotland, and shared some activity highlights from LfS Scotland in 2021. You can read more in our Annual Report.  

Watch the recording of this part of the AGM.

1.’Beyond carbon literacy: towards transformational learning for sustainability

Our first small group conversation gave members a chance to discuss how to go beyond carbon literacy to transformational learning for sustainability in personal practice and across Scotland. They also discussed the key role of LfS Scotland in enabling this. Read more here.

2. Inspiring Members’ Stories

Three of our members shared their stories with those present:

  • 1.5 MAX – Tom Bird, Boroughmuir High School and Sustainability Partnerships.
  • Local Women of the World– Zarina Ahmad, climate and equalities communicator
  • College Learning for Sustainability – Katie Paget, Dundee and Angus College

Watch the recording of this part of the AGM.

Watch additional recordings from 1.5MAX and Local Women of the World.

3. Our new Sustainability Story-Sharing Space

Kirsten Leask launched the new LfS Scotland Story Sharing space, where you can read stories of transformational learning from members of Learning for Sustainability Scotland. All of our members are warmly invited to upload your own stories to this open-access space.

4. Exploring storytelling

Our second small group discussion considered the types of stories that can have a significant impact on us,changing perceptions, and sparking practical actions and change and the many opportunities for telling stories in different ways. Read more here.

5. Story interludes

Our story ‘interludes’ engaged hearts and minds:

6. Keynote Storyteller

Our wonderful keynote storyteller, Dougie Mackay, focused on Stories Sustaining Culture. Presenting his journey from Community Education to professional storytelling, Dougie shared a discovery of folk tales and myth as keys to sustainable culture, and the power of storytelling in communicating ideas. He explored how stories can help create a symbiotic relationship between past, present and future, and offer a vital tool in the creation of a better world. In the process, participants became growling bears!

Watch the recording of this part of the AGM.

7. Dreaming Forward

Rehema wrapped up the day by encouraging reflection by those present, and ‘Dreaming Forward’ to consider the stories to be told in 2022.

Thanks to all presenters and participants for helping to make the event both an enjoyable and an energising start to a year of opportunity for Learning for Sustainability in Scotland.

To find out more about the work of Learning for Sustainability Scotland, participate in one of our collaborative working groups (Task Groups) or suggest something you would like to get involved in, then please do  get in touch.