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Get ready for the World’s Largest Lesson on 27 September

Fri 4th September 2015 - News

This month, the United Nations will announce The Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) – a set of goals for the world that aim to make our planet fair, healthy and sustainable by 2030. The World’s largest lesson is being planned to follow on from this announcement, to let children across the world learn about The Global Goals and begin to contribute to global citizenship.

For more information on the largest lesson the world has ever seen, click on the website.

With that in mind, make sure you stay informed about SDGs and Scotland’s role in working towards the goals by 2030 by joining our membership. We will be updating members with SDG news and holding unique events around the goals, so make sure you get in the know early. You can learn more about our membership here and sign up to the membership (free of charge) here.