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Join Scotland’s National Discussion on Education

Sun 25th September 2022 - Communities, Further and Higher Education, LfS Scotland Updates, News, Policy Advice and Responses, Schools and early learning & childcare settings, Uncategorised

The Scottish Government is inviting everyone who has an interest in the future of Scotland’s education system to join the National Discussion on Education,

The Discussion was launched on September 20th 2022 and runs until 05 December 2022.

We strongly encourage all of our members to have their voices heard and help to develop this vision for the future of education in Scotland. What kind of education, skills, knowledge and support do you think young people will need 20 years from now? And how can we ensure that Learning for Sustainability – an entitlement for all learners within Curriculum for Excellence and an approach to life and learning which enables learners, educators, schools and their wider communities to build a socially-just, sustainable and equitable society – flourishes in that vision?

“The world around us has changed a lot since the last time a national debate was held on education. We need to think ahead to the kind of education, skills and support learners need now and in the future. This will make sure we continue to provide a great education for all. Education plays a key role in finding solutions to global and local challenges and in making sure children’s rights are respected. That’s why we need to listen carefully to learners, parents, teachers, school staff and everyone who has an interest in the future of education. We want to hear in particular from those who we have not heard from in previous listening exercises. We want a future vision for education, and to understand how to make this vision a reality with practical ideas. This is a chance to pause, reflect and contribute to an exciting future vision for education in Scotland.”

Scottish Government, September 2022

‘The ripple in the pond’: weaving LfS across culture, campus, curriculum and community

‘Sustainability’ is already hard-wired into Scottish policy-making. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are central to Scotland’s national vision and are at the heart of the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework.

A refresh of the national Action Plan for Learning for Sustainability is already underway; bringing together key national bodies to align policy and practice in a way that will support educators and learners alike to weave together global citizenship, sustainable development education and outdoor learning to create coherent, rewarding and transformative learning experiences.

It’s time to make sure that Learning for Sustainability underpins the vision for Scottish education.

Time to join the dots. #TimeforLfS.

Time to #TalkScottishEducation

Find out how you can get involved by clicking here: More information – Scottish Government – Citizen Space (