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GTC Scotland and Learning for Sustainability Scotland launch resources to help teachers engage with Learning for Sustainability and their Professional Standards

Tue 22nd February 2022 - Blog Posts, News

GTC Scotland, the independent professional and regulatory body for teachers in Scotland, has launched a Learning for Sustainability Hub in partnership with Learning for Sustainability Scotland.

The Hub is designed to help teachers to explore Learning for Sustainability (LfS) and how it relates to the Professional Standards for Scotland’s Teachers. Through engaging with the resources in the Hub, teachers can increase their understanding of LfS and the way in which it underpins what it means to be a teacher in Scotland. The Hub supports teachers to evaluate their practice and enhance the skills, values and knowledge needed to enact and embed LfS across their day-to-day activity and that of their setting and learning community.

A key part of the LfS Hub is a series of self-directed Professional Learning modules; which will explore LfS in the Professional Standards for Teachers. The first module, to be followed by two later in 2022, is now available. It introduces LfS and will help teachers to understand the nature of and context for Learning for Sustainability in Scotland and globally. It will support teachers to explore their values and perspectives in the context of LfS; review teaching and learning approaches that support LfS; and critically consider how to take an LfS approach in their teaching.

The new Hub and Professional Learning module complement existing resources, including Learning for Sustainability: A professional guide for teachers.

Dr Pauline Stephen, Chief Executive and Registrar, GTC Scotland said: “The Professional Standards for Scotland’s Teachers describe teacher professionalism in Scotland, our  ‘way of being’. Learning for Sustainability is an underpinning theme across the Standards, woven across all aspects, for all teachers: irrespective of the focus of their work  or where they are on their career journey.”

“This Hub and the Professional Learning modules, give teachers an ideal opportunity to engage with Learning for Sustainability and what it means for them, their learners and their wider learning community.”

Betsy King, Development Manager at Learning for Sustainability Scotland, said: “Learning for Sustainability Scotland is delighted to be working with GTC Scotland to support teachers to explore, engage with, enact and embed Learning for Sustainability in their practice. Learning for Sustainability is an entitlement for all learners in Scotland. It is an approach to life and learning that is essential if we are to support learners to develop the skills, values, attributes, knowledge and confidence needed to thrive and contribute effectively to making a better world.”

Visit the Learning for Sustainability Hub