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LfS Scotland responds to the final drafts of the GTCS Professional Standards 2021

Sat 10th October 2020 - Policy Advice and Responses

In late 2019 Learning for Sustainability Scotland responded to the General Teaching Council’s consultation on a ‘refreshed’ set of Professional Standards for education professionals.  The Final Drafts of the Professional Standards 2021 are now available for comment by mid-November, in advance of enactment next August. 

Learning for Sustainability has been considerably strengthened throughout the final drafts,  as required by The Scottish Government’s Learning for Sustainability Vision 2030+ Action Plan 2019. 

Our comments urge some specific and important changes in the final text to make the place of Learning for Sustainability clear for teachers. 

You can read our response here.

We encourage you and your organisation to respond to this important consultation from a Learning for Sustainability perspective.