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Collaboration, co-design and co-delivery: the 2019 RCE Europe Conference

Wed 2nd October 2019 - RCE Network

Twelve Regional Centres of Expertise from ten countries gathered in Heraklion, Crete, on 13-14th September for the annual European Regional RCE Meeting. Rebecca and Kirsten attended on behalf of RCE Scotland.

With a particular focus on learning and teaching about sustainable food production and food security – and the inevitable links that this most inclusive and global of topics has with our world-wide climate emergency and its impact on planet and people – this two-day meeting provided ample opportunities for discussion and sharing.

We explored systems-thinking approaches to understanding and tackling the issues we face as educators and facilitators of Education for Sustainable Development, and heard case studies from across Europe of good practice relating to many different aspects of ESD. We also contributed insights from Scotland’s work towards becoming a ‘Good Food Nation’ and about the ‘Learning for Sustainability College Champions Programme’, a joint initiative between Learning for Sustainability Scotland and EAUC: the alliance for sustainability leadership in tertiary education.

Communication was also a key theme, with a consideration of how best to ensure on-going and effective collaboration not just between ourselves as RCEs, but with those we seek to engage and influence. As part of this, Scotland has volunteered to be part of a new working group on climate change education and engagement.

As with all RCE events, it was humbling to be able to share good practice and hear about some of the wonderful initiatives that are being implemented across Europe to bring about a better future for our planet and the living things that depend on it. There has never been a greater need to be reminded that passionate individuals of all creeds and cultures are continuing to deliver and engage in the kind of transformational and inspirational learning that is needed to tackle the climate, ecological and social challenges we are facing today.

A full report of the meeting can be found here:

Photo credit: Jiří Dlouhý