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Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP (Minister for Further & Higher Education and Sciences) launches the Vision 2030+ Report

Wed 31st January 2018 - Schools and early learning & childcare settings, Task Group News

The full transcript from Minister for Further and Higher Education and Sciences Shirley-Anne Somerville (MSP)’s speech, formally launching the Vision 2030+ Report is now available to download. Before introducing Irmeli Halinen, Formerly Head of Curriculum Development at the National Agency of Education (FNAE), Finland at her lecture in September 2017 at the University of Edinburgh, Shirley-Anne Somerville talked of the vital role learning for sustainability has in Scottish education and praised the work and commitment of Pete Higgins (University of Edinburgh and Director of Learning for Sustainability Scotland) and his colleagues to drive forward LfS in education.

The Minister, speaking on behalf of the Scottish Government,  re-stated commitment to the Vision 2030+ Concluding report of the Learning for Sustainability National Implementation Group and the importance of  Learning for Sustainability in Scottish education. 

Speaking at the lecture in September 2017, the Minister said:

‘It is now essential that we maintain the momentum and ensure that Learning for Sustainability is fully embedded across our approach to curriculum and our three over-arching strategic priorities for education: the National Improvement Framework, Scottish Attainment Challenge and Developing the Young Workforce. Learning for Sustainability has a crucial role in supporting and enhancing these priorities. In addition, I want the new Regional Improvement Collaboratives to consider the role of LfS as part of their focus on curriculum improvement’. 

Download the full transcript of the Ministerial-Statement-of-the-Vision-2030-Report.

Click on the green title if you’d like to watch Irmeli Halinen’s lecture, entitled: How Finland reformed its education curriculum: Quality education & a sustainable future

Research Into Action Briefings series

For those of you who have not yet had a chance to catch up with the Research into Action Briefings series (written by Pete Higgins & Beth Christie (Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh) and Betsy King (Learning for Sustainability Scotland), the series was written to support engagement with published educational research in relation to Learning for Sustainability across the schools education community. They are a critical reading for those interested in LfS in schools.

You can download all of the briefings by visiting our website here.