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New Report sets out the Vision for Learning for Sustainability in Scotland’s schools to 2030 and beyond

Tue 7th June 2016 - Schools and early learning & childcare settings, Task Group News

Vision 2030 +, the Learning for Sustainability National Implementation Group’s concluding report  has been published,  setting out  a Vision for Learning for Sustainability in Scotland’s schools to 2030 and beyond. The report establishes convergence between LfS and the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals as a direction for further policy development to 2030 (the 15-year period of the SDGs).

In March 2013 Scottish Ministers accepted all thirty-one recommendations of the Learning for Sustainability (LfS) report. The Report recommended  that:

  • All learners should have an entitlement to learning for sustainability
  • In line with the new GTCS Professional Standards, every practitioner, school and education leader should demonstrate learning for sustainability in their practice
  • Every school should have a whole school approach to learning for sustainability that is robust, demonstrable, evaluated and supported by leadership at all levels
  • All school buildings, grounds and policies should support learning for sustainability
  • A strategic national approach to supporting learning for sustainability should be established.

The LfS National Implementation Group was established in February 2014 to deliver on these recommendations. The Vision 2030+ report to ministers documents the progress that has been made and sets out a vision for LfS through to 2030 and beyond.

The Learning for Sustainability Whole School Self Evaluation and Improvement framework  is also now available on the National Improvement Hub.  This is closely aligned with How Good Is Our School 4? and is intended to complement wider conversations around whole school evaluation and improvement.