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Learning for Sustainability – Mapping Opportunities in Scotland

Thu 17th December 2015 - LfS Scotland Updates

The field of education for sustainability has evolved. The development of a new organisation, Learning for Sustainability Scotland (LfS Scotland – Scotland’s United Nations recognised Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)) has catalysed reflection on and exploration of the framing, scope and opportunities of education for sustainable development and, in particular, learning for sustainability (LfS) in Scotland.

The aims of this project were:

  • to produce an opportunities map for Learning for Sustainability;
  • to explore areas in which Learning for Sustainability is well advanced in Scotland and those in which we have achieved less;
  • to articulate an ideal state of Learning for Sustainability and appropriate targets;
  • to set this against a global context.

We began with a brief literature review and historical overview. The principal action plans and history of development of LfS in Scotland were summarised. We explored how LfS can be experienced throughout the life course of an individual, through formal and other influences. We then undertook more interactive research, drawing on the experiences and expertise of our Steering Group and members.

Mapping Opportunities for Learning for Sustainability in Scotland Executive Summary

Mapping Opportunities for LfS in Scotland Full report