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Photo of the Month feature

Tue 6th October 2015 - News

Good News Thursday has been running for just over two months now and we have been so honoured and privileged to play even a tiny part in the great news our members choose to share through our good news platform. So far, we have been able to help members recruit for staff, promote children’s theatre productions, celebrate successful funding bids, welcome new members of staff and inform about launches, projects, events and resources.

Phew, not bad for two months!

Our members are – quite frankly – doing some AWESOME stuff and we’re getting quite addicted to being part of the celebrations. We are always looking for new ways to show the world the good work that you are all rolling up your sleeves for and we’re really excited about our new fun feature that will hopefully generate lots of interest in what you’re doing.

In November 2015 we will launch a new monthly feature for all Learning for Sustainability members. Send us your favourite photos of your Learning for Sustainability at work and we’ll feature it on all of our platforms. Good News Thursday, our monthly e-bulletin, our website and our social media platforms. The photo can be of anything at all – so long as it links in some way to LfS (that can be sustainable development education, outdoor learning, social justice or global citizenship and everything in between) from any of the sectors relevant to LfS: higher education, further education, schools, communities, the business sectors and NGOs.

So…get snapping your projects in action and send them in to us to be featured in the first ever LfSS Photo of the Month Award. If we use your photograph we’ll ensure it’s credited to you and has links to your web pages so that others can find out more about you and the work that you do at the click of a button.

Send your photos in to Abi Cornwall by 31 October to be in with a chance to have your photo displayed and credited and please make sure that you have the appropriate permissions to have it featured.