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U. LabScotland opens on 10 September & LfSS members are invited to participate in local hubs.

Tue 8th September 2015 - News

Transformational change both on individual, organisational and societal levels is key to a shift toward a positive and sustainable future.. We are all in our ways searching for ways to facilitate this through our work in Learning for Sustainability.

As a community of practitioners and facilitators it is ever inspiring and heartening to have opportunities, spaces and places to develop our thinking and practice further.

Online MOOCs (Mass Open Online Courses) are proving a popular and fast developing platform for this development, offering a truly global dimension to learning. In a ground-breaking step toward societal change Scottish Government have commissioned a Scotland specific element to the forthcoming MOOC U.Lab.

U.LabScotland, an 8 week MOOC opening on 10th September, has already created a huge buzz. Its content of deep change facilitation methodology, its combination of online and live global learning, and uniquely its use of local hubs to facilitate face to face conversations combines into what promises to be a fascinating process.

Interested LfS Scotland members are being invited to set up local hubs that offer opportunities for informal weekly(ish) gatherings, to join that could focus around LfS.

Are you interested? Link here to more details.

If you would like to find out more about setting up an Edinburgh hub, send an email now!