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Good News Thursday 5

Thu 20th August 2015 - News

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Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches 2nd Disruptive Innovation Festival, 2 – 20 November 2015

The online festival will feature many sessions of interest to sustainability professionals.  It brings together thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, makers, learners and doers to catalyse system-level change for a future economy.

Over three weeks, using a mix of online and face to face events, participants have an abundance of opportunities to explore the economy through a different lens. We want to share all the ways you and our partners are challenging the linear ‘take make and dispose’ model of the economy, replacing it by a more prosperous regenerative and circular economy – is this the ultimate disruption?

Examples of some of the broad themes that encompass this are: Design innovation, systems thinking, 21st century science, materials & energy, new business models, entrepreneurship, sharing economy and the internet of things.

Full details of the festival are available HERE and of course, we’ll feature events & sessions in our monthly e-bulletin which is available HERE.


Every Friday on Twitter outdoor educators get together to share outdoor learning and play events & activities, lessons, ideas and generally celebrate the positive aspects of being outside. Twitter is a fantastic place to share this kind of information (just as we’ve discovered with #GNT!) and this week LfSS members Creative Star are celebrating the first birthday of their fantastic book: Dirty Teaching: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Outdoors.

Join the hashtag revolution!

SOIL ASSOCIATION SCOTLAND celebrates Scottish Government’s announcement to ban GM crops.

You can read their response HERE.

AND FINALLY…. UPROOTED performs final show this week

Uprooted is a unique theatre production for children and families, fusing live performance, music and living plants with innovative stage design, touring in August 2015.

Uprooted features Scotland’s first Living Stage; a recyclable, biodegradable, edible set created from locally found, reclaimed materials. Part theatre show, part garden and part art installation, audiences will get the chance to interact by nibbling on plants, smelling herbs, and sampling drinks.

The Children’s Wood, North Kelvin Meadow, located in between Clouston Street and Kelbourne Street, Glasgow’s West End, Sunday 23rd August, 1pm
Tickets: Free, to book email HERE

More info at HERE

Good News Thursday…

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