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Good News Thursday…

Thu 30th July 2015 - News

Good Morning! Let’s start the day with some good news!

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From 29 July to 1 August Common Good Food are hosting four fantastic sessions within the Edinburgh Food Festival. All events are free, but ticketed. For more information go to the website.

The Right to Food: As the UK government seeks to re-write our laws on Human Rights, and our food system becomes increasingly polarised between Michelin stars and food banks, can we speak of a Right to Food? Join Mags Hall from Common Good Food to discuss a human rights based approach to food, and how it plays a central role in the fight for Food Sovereignty.

The Art of Food Culture: As traditional food culture is increasingly undermined by an urbanising population and the domination of the supermarkets, could a new food culture help cohere our families and communities and rebuild our connection to the land? Can the arts help to reimagine a Scottish food culture that is accessible, nourishing and sustainable?

Growing a Culture of Food Sovereignty in Scotland: Common Good Food is a new Scottish charity born of the global Food Sovereignty movement, which advocates the right of all to food, and the right of citizens to define their own food and agriculture systems. Join the charity’s founding members, Mags Hall, Eva Schonveld and Fergus Walker, as they discuss why we need a Food Sovereignty campaign in Scotland, and our exciting plans for exploring new models of community-based food production.

Commons, Crofting, Culture and Community: Despite Scotland having one of the least egalitarian patterns of land ownership in the world, we also have surprisingly tenacious examples of a deep connection with the land, especially in crofting areas. Join Fergus Walker of Common Good Food to look at how food and land are managed under Crofting and the essential relationship between people, land, animals and plants.


Dunbar and district are Scotland’s first Zero Waste Town aiming to accelerate their journey towards Scotland’s targets for 2025 of only 5% of waste to landfill with 70% being recycled. The Zero Waste Dunbar & District (ZWD) project has a team in place to help the community, business and schools in that area to try out innovative initiatives and ideas to do this.

Dunbar, West Barns, Stenton, Oldhamstocks, East Linton, Innerwick and the surrounding area have begun, with the ZWD project’s help, to examine the waste they create and focus on ways to reduce, reuse and recycle it and to try to change their perception of it so it becomes a valuable resource which can help this area to become more of a circular economy and sustainable community.

Many inspiring projects are planned alongside practical and sustainable measures to work towards increasing progress towards the targets. Much of the school involvement will link to their Learning for Sustainability agenda and over the coming months we hope to showcase some of this on the Learning for Sustainability website but for now though the project just wants to spread the good news that Dunbar and district is Scotland’s first Zero Waste Town.

For more information in the mean time please visit their website at or facebook page

Good News Thursday…

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