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Good News Thursday…

Thu 16th July 2015 - News

Good Morning! Isn’t it nice to start the day with some good news? This is Learning for Sustainability Scotland’s new weekly news platform that shares all the good LfS news from our members. We have had some great pieces of good news from members this week, so let’s jump right in.

The Crichton Carbon Centre

The CCC’s sustainable development education programme -The Carbon Busters Project – has recently received a number of awards and grants to support the delivery of workshops in schools for the coming academic year. They have secured funding from an impressive portfolio of organisations including:  Dumfries and Galloway Council (Nithsdale Area Committee fund), Heritage Lottery Fund, the Robertson Trust, Earnest Cook Trust, Sainsbury’s Scottish Community Grant, Tesco Community Award and Clydesdale Bank Spirit of the Community Award.

The Carbon Buster’s project is now in its sixth year and something tells us they’re going to be busier than ever. It’s a huge congratulations from LfS Scotland for maintaining such a fantastic school’s programme and for receiving the awards and grants to date.

If you’d like to know more about the project or anything else to do with The Crichton Carbon Centre, you can call them on 01387 702091.

Pictures (Left to Right): Children at Port William Primary School getting their hands dirty; project work at Cummertrees Primary School; Clydesdale Bank Spirit of the Community Award ceremony. The Carbon Busters Project won a £5,000 award.

Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust

P&KCT are sharing the good news that sixteen people are now successfully trained in summer orchard pruning after completing training last week given by the Tay Landscape Partnership. They are hosting even more orchard training sessions in the coming weeks. Full details available here:

And Finally…

The Open Air Laboratories

OPAL are delighted to announce a new citizen science survey this month, looking into how far the New Zealand Flatworm has spread and how big an influence it is having on our environment. This survey is the latest addition to the range of citizen science activities offered by OPAL, which is led by Imperial College London and run by a range of organisations including universities, wildlife groups, and museums.

OPAL aims to inspire communities to discover, enjoy and protect their local environment through citizen-science based activities and are calling out for the public to embark on some NZ flat worm sleuthing. The public are advised species is flat, dark purple-brown on top and creamy pale underneath and along the sides and can be found under pieces of wood, stone or polythene or lying on bare earth often curled up like a Swiss roll and they leave slime circles where they’ve been resting.

For more information on the Open Air Laboratories programmes, click on the link HERE and if you’d like to take part in the project, the survey is available HERE.

Good News Thursday…

…is a new weekly platform for you – LfS Scotland’s members – to celebrate the good work that you’ve been doing. Let us shout it from the mountain tops to over 900 people across Scotland. If you have some good news you’d like to share, please email Abi Cornwall, Development Officer.