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People’s Climate March 21/09/14

Thu 21st August 2014 - News

A group of AVAAZ volunteers are organising a People’s Climate March in Edinburgh on 21st September 2014 to coincide with what it is hoped to be the biggest global climate mobilisation in history.

This event is to support the idea a call for action, not words from the Climate Change Summit taking place in New York the week starting 23rd September, as well as from the summits following this one in Lima and Paris. Photographs will be taken and published along with those from other events to raise awareness in the media and at the climate conference itself.

This is a participatory event and organisers hope to make it possible for those attending to share their thoughts or reflections on climate issues.

Everyone attending the event is invited to join in a shared picnic lunch in the gardens next to The Mound from about 1:30 pm.

Organisers hope to have the bells of nearby churches ringing for 350 seconds (350 parts per million is the safe level of CO2 in the atmosphere that we have already exceeded and need to return to).

Participants will then process along Princess Street and back again to advertise our presence to the local community and follow this with an educational aspect, raising awareness and drawing people in with discussions, and possibly a lecture afterwards.

For more information please see, to join the event.

Or the event blog,, to read more about the event and the issues at stake.

Further details for the afternoon will be posted as they take shape.