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Making Connections through Learning for Sustainability

8th February 2019, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Event cost: Free

NEW facilitated online CLPL for teachers starting 8th February 2019

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Aligned with Scotland’s education priorities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, this professional learning supports you to develop the confidence to plan for, and implement, Learning for Sustainability in your practice, making connections at individual, school and global levels, and inspiring students to collaborate on the issues that shape our world.

Available at three levels:

Level 2 (6 hours over 6 weeks) 8th February – 22nd March 2019

Level 3 (12 hours over 10 weeks) 8th February – 3rd May 2019

Level 4 (18 hours over 3 terms) 8th February – 13th December 2019

Why participate?

Scotland is unique internationally in having a requirement for all teachers and education professionals to address Learning for Sustainability (LfS) in their practice. This fully funded professional learning, created by the University of Edinburgh and Learning for Sustainability Scotland, for the British Council Connecting Classrooms programme, will:

  • Support you to create an enabling environment for Learning for Sustainability and significantly enhance your learners’ educational experience
  • Inform your PRD and GTCS Professional Update
  • Support whole-school and community approaches to Learning for Sustainability
  • Give access to an international network of like-minded teachers

Your engagement in the programme could, in time, lead to Professional Recognition from the GTCS.

Who can participate?

All teachers in Scotland. You will be supported by skilled facilitators with a background in Learning for Sustainability and online learning and do not need any advanced technical expertise to take part.

What will be asked of you?

The course involves participation in online discussions and activities at a time that is convenient for you.

Level 2 (6 hours over 6 weeks) 8th February – 22nd March 2019

Level 3 (12 hours over 10 weeks) 8th February – 3rd May 2019

Level 4 (18 hours over 3 terms) 3rd May – 13th December 2019

We will ask you to try out some activities and ideas with your learners and to share your learning with others throughout the course. In addition at Level 3 you will be asked to present your activities and reflect on their impacts and at level 4 to submit a portfolio of learning.

Course Participants will:

  • In the context of Learning for Sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, reflect on how to develop the skills and dispositions required of teachers and learners to live in an interdependent world
  • Critically consider practical approaches to learning and teaching for Learning for Sustainability
  • Apply in practice and reflect on the impact of approaches to Learning for Sustainability at an individual, whole school and global level
  • Develop confidence in your teacher leadership for Learning for Sustainability and engage in peer learning opportunities through an established practitioner network for Learning for Sustainability

Course Programme

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For further information contact Betsy King, Development Manager, Learning for Sustainability Scotland.