“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

As a member organisation, it’s our role to bring people together to work on key areas of interest. Together we form task groups, joining forces around a common issue, theme or goal. Task outcomes vary – from conducting research, create a new project or to organise a series of workshops – why go it alone when we can help you put together a team of like minded professionals?

Task groups begin with a clear set of objectives, have a set time scale and can be a short one off project, or a longer-term project and can focus on a range of goals, or just one.

Read on to see what task groups are currently running – you can join any if you’re interested. And if you don’t see one that covers your area of interest – get in touch to discuss setting up a new one. To discuss your idea – no matter how big or small – please get in touch.

Don’t see your area of interest?

All the task groups you see here were started when a member had a bright idea for a project and got in touch. It really is as easy as that! Get in touch to start the conversation.