As a member organisation, it’s our role to bring people together to work on key areas of interest. Together we form task groups which encompass a wide range of topics and outcomes.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The work carried out by Learning for Sustainability Scotland aligns with all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe we have a part to play as a membership organisation to roll out the aims and values of the SDGs across Scotland, across all sectors.

Our members, too, are finding more ways to align with the SDGs and we are always looking for ways to help promote our members work.

Sustainable Development Goals Task Group

A new task group is being set up by Learning for Sustainability Scotland members. If you would like to know more, please click HERE.

  • New Report: Reflecting on the Emergence of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: A Call for Action in Scotland.

Click here for an indepth and insightful report written in collaboration between May East (UNITAR Fellow) and Rehema M. White (University of St Andrews, Learning for Sustainability Scotland). Here they reflect on historic and contemporary understanding of sustainable development in theory and practice in Scotland and beyond. They describe the emergence of the Sustainable Development Goals and start to explore the implications of these for Scottish institutions.

Outputs & Reports

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Site still under construction - please contact Abi Cornwall, Development Officer if there is a report you can't find.

CPD Courses for Educators

We offer a wide range of  CPD opportunities for teachers and educators in Scotland to enhance their practice by incorporating LfS into their education setting. Check our events section for the latest updates on CPD courses.

Connecting Classrooms through Learning for Sustainability

We are set to launch the latest version of Connecting Classrooms. Click here for more information. To be kept up to date with this course and all of our course - sign up to become a member.

Consultancy, Facilitated Workshops & Talks

RCE Scotland / LfS Scotland is delighted to have been invited to take part in consultancy work that supports our members' aims and objectives.  We have worked on in-depth, independent reviews of programmes for large organisations and we have consulted on projects that include lfs. We also work with organisations to develop their lfs activities and we can deliver workshops or talks on lfs and the SDGs.

If you'd like to speak to us about consultancy work, delivering workshops, or presenting at an event or meeting - on any other projects or plans you need help with, please contact the staff team and we will be happy to chat things through.


Policy Advice & Responses

Learning for Sustainability Scotland has released a number of reports offering advice to our members on relevant policy issues and responding to particular political events.

These reports are free to use for our members and are for sharing among networks, colleagues and anyone who is interested. Please do make sure that Learning for Sustainability Scotland is credited whenever the reports and documents are used and we are always happy to hear how they’ve benefited you so please keep in touch to let us know when you’ve used something.

If you would like us to respond formally to an area of policy or a specific issue, please drop us a line: Abi Cornwall, Development Officer.


Response to the Environmental Audit Committee Consultation September 2016 "The Sustainable Development Goals and the United Kingdom".

Policy Advice for Parliamentary Elections May 2016


Learning for Sustainability Scotland submission to the Smith Commission

Past Events

We have have hosted and partner-hosted some truly inspiring and insightful events since we began as Learning for Sustainability Scotland in 2013.

Click on the links below for information on our most recent past events and for more information our past events page is here. Please note, site is under construction. Links will be fixed ASAP.