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LfS and the future of learning in Scotland’s land-based and aquaculture sectors

What is this event about? Join Learning for Sustainability Scotland and the Scottish Government for an opportunity to share your views and experiences with the Scottish Government's Commission for the Land-Based Learning Review and to contribute to shaping the future of learning in Scotland’s land-based and aquaculture sectors. The event will cover the themes of: ∙ Education... [read more]

Learning for Sustainability and ‘Putting Young People at the Centre’

This is a time of change for Scotland’s education system. The Scottish Government and COSLA are launching the ‘most inclusive ever discussion on education in Scotland, with learners playing a key part in decision-making’. In addition, a refresh of the national Learning for Sustainability Action Plan is currently underway. The need to support young people... [read more]

Learning for Sustainability and the Professional Standards – monthly Drop-In #6

Learning for Sustainability is an international and national priority in education. Making a professional commitment to learning and learners that is compatible with the aspiration of achieving a sustainable and equitable world embodies what it is to be a teacher in Scotland. In Scotland, the Professional Standards for teachers and college lecturers are underpinned by Learning for Sustainability... [read more]