Scotland's United Nations Recognised Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development

Urban Roots

Urban roots was born after 3 local people in the south side of Glasgow dreamt of improving the area they lived in. The original Toryglen Gardening Club organised plant sales, bulb planting and picnics and over time grew into what is now Urban Roots, a charity organisation which helps people from all ages engage with the environment around them and gives communities something healthy and worthwhile to work together on.

Urban Roots is engaged in numerous different activities, ranging from community gardening, conservation and biodiversity, workshops and courses and school projects. We believe in change on a small scale having a much bigger impact. If we come together as a group and support each other we can find solutions for a sustainable future, whilst improving the appearance of our communities, our lifestyle and the prospects of our children.

As well as working on projects in Toryglen and the surrounding area, we are eager to help other organisations start up their own community gardens and provide services to anyone looking for advice on eco-living and sustainability, across Glasgow and beyond.