Scotland's United Nations Recognised Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Goals

This task group is still in the development stage but will build momentum quickly. If you would like more information on this task group please contact Betsy King.

Initial Aims:

  • To influence policy through advocating for learning as a fundamental aspect of the SDGs, in Scotland and beyond
  • To raise awareness and understanding of the scope of learning within the SDGs (within and across formal, informal and non-formal contexts)
  • To engage and represent members; and partner with other organisations and individuals in Scotland and UK; and collaborate with relevant international partners (UNESCO, UN RCEs) to help deliver on GAP and the SDG s
  • To contribute to monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the SDGs in Scotland and beyond

Initial Responses: 

  • Policy: Respond to UK Environmental Audit Committee consultation; Engage with DfiD following up contacts already made
  • Engagement: Collaborate with submission of SUII bid
  • Awareness: Raise awareness with members and others on SDGs through a workshop which in turn further defines the ToR of the task group

Intended Outcomes

  • Stronger policy in support of the SDs, seeing them as a holistic mechanism to pursue sustainable development rather than a tick box exercise using existing strategies.
  • Recognition of the scope and necessity of learning to inform and underpin implementation of the SDGs.
  • Increased awareness amongst LfS Scotland members and others to enable them to work effectively as partners within the collaborations possible to achieve the SDGs. Stronger monitoring and evaluation of SDGs especially SDG 3.
  • Pathways to research on SDGs.