Reflecting on the Emergence of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: A Call for Action in Scotland.

New Report: Reflecting on the Emergence of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: A Call for Action in Scotland.

Read this indepth and insightful report written in collaboration between May East (UNITAR Fellow) and Rehema M. White (University of St Andrews, Learning for Sustainability Scotland). Here they reflect on historic and contemporary Here they reflect on historic and contemporary understanding of sustainable development in theory and practice in Scotland and beyond. They describe the emergence of the Sustainable Development Goals and start to explore the implications of these for Scottish institutions.


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Report from the Meeting of the UK Regional Centres of Expertise in ESD – June 2017

LfS Scotland hosted a successful meeting of the UK Regional Centres of Expertise in ESD in Edinburgh in June 20th/21st 2017 with participants drawn from 6 RCEs from across the UK.

The aims of the programme were:

• Promoting the key values and actions needed to take forward SDGs at a time of insecurity and uncertainty
• Following up the European RCE meeting held in London June 2016
• Sharing the work of UK RCEs and learning from each other
• Promoting joint working across the UK RCEs and beginning to plan possible collaborative activities
• Enjoying networking with like-minded colleagues

You can download a full report of the meeting and copies of the presentations by clicking on the links.

Report: Meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in Initial Teacher Education in the UK: Progress and Opportunities

In this context the purpose of the seminar held on March 10th 2017  , organised by Learning for Sustainability Scotland, the Teacher Education for Equity and Sustainability Network (TEESNet) and the General Teaching Council for Scotland was for key teacher educators in UK ITE institutions to:

  • Share progress on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship( ESD/GC)  in ITE in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England
  • Connect  with  ITE practitioners  across UK and identify synergies
  • Identify opportunities for possible future advocacy and research collaboration

To download the presentations and report from the seminar, please click on the appropriate links. A report of the seminar can be found by clicking here

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Output: Learning for Sustainability - Mapping Opportunities in Scotland

The field of education for sustainability has evolved. The development of a new organisation, Learning for Sustainability Scotland (LfS Scotland – Scotland’s United Nations recognised Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)) has catalysed reflection on and exploration of the framing, scope and opportunities of education for sustainable development and, in particular, learning for sustainability (LfS) in Scotland.

The aims of this project were:

  • to produce an opportunities map for Learning for Sustainability;
  • to explore areas in which Learning for Sustainability is well advanced in Scotland and those in which we have achieved less;
  • to articulate an ideal state of Learning for Sustainability and appropriate targets;
  • to set this against a global context.

We began with a brief literature review and historical overview. The principal action plans and history of development of LfS in Scotland were summarised. We explored how LfS can be experienced throughout the life course of an individual, through formal and other influences. We then undertook more interactive research, drawing on the experiences and expertise of our Steering Group and members.

Mapping Opportunities for Learning for Sustainability in Scotland Executive Summary

Mapping Opportunities for LfS in Scotland Full report