Scotland's United Nations Recognised Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development

LfS in Schools

A LfS Implementation Group, tasked with driving forward the 31 recommendations of the Learning for Sustainability Report (2012) on embedding LfS in school education, has been established and began work on 25th Feb 2014.  The group is convened by the Scottish Government, with secretariat support from LfS Scotland, and will report progress to Scottish Ministers.

The Implementation Group recognises the significant expertise, commitment and contribution of Scotland’s Learning for Sustainability community and is committed to working in partnership with them and with other national groups with an interest in and a responsibility for aspects of Learning for Sustainability.

One of the key mechanisms to facilitate this partnership working will be a series of Conversation Days which will provide an open forum for individuals, partner organisations and networks to contribute to and collaboratively develop the work of the Implementation Group.

Information on the work of the LfS Implementation Group is posted on the Scottish Government website and both LfS Scotland and Education Scotland regularly send out updates on the work of the group.  If you would like to receive these updates, please add yourself to our emailing list here.