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Community Engagement

To build a more sustainable, equitable and democratic world, we need not only an empowered, connected and durable movement of citizens, but also social and organisational cultures and systems that make a greener, fairer lifestyle the accessible, default option for all.

Common Cause Action Learning Programmes (ALPs) build effectiveness in changing cultures and systems by creating spaces for people to engage with their own deeply held values and explore with each other how this can inform their work. In doing so, people develop practical skills and real-life experience to put this approach into practice within their organisation and beyond.

Common Cause Action Learning Programmes (ALPs) support citizens – as individuals, practitioners or policy makers – to work more effectively within their communities, organisations and across society to create, develop and propagate cultures and systems that help realise these goals.

Common Cause Scotland and the LfS Scotland ran the Communities with a Common Cause Action Learning Programme (ALP) from September 2013 to February 2014 to develop practical approaches to applying the Common Cause values-based approach to community engagement.

The Communities with a Common Cause ALP was designed specifically for groups and organisations promoting community engagement with the natural world; whether directly at the grassroots or through policy, advocacy and grant giving.

If you are interested to know more about the Communities with a Common Cause ALP, or in participating in a future ALP please click here for more information.

Update: This programme completed in February 2014 and a period of evaluation followed. The evaluation found that participation reaffirmed and/or strengthened their commitment to altruistic values and also increased their capacity for values-based action. Participants have developed new perspectives, new skills and techniques and have applied these within their work.

The project gained an Outstanding Flagship Project RCE recognition award in November 2014.