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Programme & Speakers confirmed for the AGM & Network Gathering

As we reach the second anniversary of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018begins this year’s annual gathering will consider how to how best to release the potential of everyone -individuals, communities and sectors- to create human and planetary wellbeing .

With a challenging contribution from journalist and political commentator Joyce McMillan, particular emphasis will be on how to bring about wider constructive engagement of young people, families, communities, businesses and the media. There will be also be a chance to contribute to the education/learning component of the UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development Action Plan to be presented at the UN Summit in July 2018.

As a valued member of Learning for Sustainability Scotland you are invited take part in this AGM. 

For you, this is a chance to:

hear from a challenging and inspiring speaker

find out about and contribute to our future plans and the sector in general

take part in workshops

meet and network with other members over lunch.

What do people say after attending our AGM & Networking Gathering?

“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and understanding of LfS”
“Great networking opportunity and some very informative sessions.”
“Very high standard of presentations”
“Really enjoyed the day, the discussion and meeting people form different disciplines.”

Download the programme here.

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Seeking Nominations for the Learning for Sustainability Scotland Steering Group

Seeking nominations for the Learning for Sustainability Scotland Steering Group

Deadline: Friday 15 December 2018 at 5pm

Membership of our Steering Group is  for a two year term  and voting for new representation on the Steering Group will take place at this year’s AGM on 18 January 2018. If you would like to be part of the Steering Group, or would like to nominate someone to represent you then please note that the deadline for doing so is Friday 15 December at 5pm.

What’s involved?
The Steering Group will consist of eight elected members and a representative from each Task Group.
The Group represents Learning for Sustainability Scotland’s members, providing strategic advice and direction to support Learning for Sustainability Scotland’s work, including:

  • Contributing to the development of the Strategic Plan and Annual Work Plans and reviewing progress
  • Encouraging and supporting the development of Task Groups
  • Helping to strengthen and extend the membership and profile of LfS Scotland
  • Providing advice to secure LfS Scotland’s organisational and financial sustainability

What will being a Steering Group member involve?
Members are elected by ballot at the AGM for a two year term. If you would like to get involved you’ll be in a group of up to 15 people with an interest in learning for sustainability. You’ll be required to:

  • Attend  at least four half-day meetings a year in Edinburgh
  • Help to develop LfS Scotland by contributing to specific tasks between meetings

How can I join the Steering Group?

1. Find LfS Scotland members to propose and second your nomination.

2. Complete the application form  and email to Abi Cornwall, LfS Scotland Development Officer
0131 650 9731)  to arrive by 15 December 2017. Please note any nominations received after this date & time will not be accepted for this year’s applications.

3. Details of all those nominated will be distributed to members and voting will take place at the AGM on Thursday 18th January 2018, or by online voting. Don’t forget to book your place at the AGM, it’s free and jam packed with practical workshops and opportunities to network with others over a relaxed lunch. Book your free place today by completing the booking form HERE.

If you would like an informal chat about joining the Steering Group
Please call Betsy King on 0131 651 6434 or email or Abi Cornwall on 0131 650 9731 or email: to discuss any questions you might have.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Meet our Members: Fiona Ross, Carse of Gowrie Sustainability Group

In the first of our Meet our Members series, we meet:
Fiona Ross – chair of the Carse of Gowrie Sustainability Group. Fiona is a hugely inspiring and positive member of the Learning for Sustainability Scotland network and plays an active part on our SDGs task group.

Here she talks about her interest in the Sustainable Development Goals and how the framework can be used to engage her community. She also reviews our latest event held on 6 November 2017, hosted jointly by our LFS & Communities task group and our Sustainable Development Goals tLfS Scotland blog guidance and outline docsask group: Taking Action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals across Communities and Schools.

Attending the ‘Taking action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals across communities and schools event’ on the 6th November 2017.

I have been involved with the Learning for Sustainability SCOTLAND task force taking forward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) via my role as a community activist and Chair of the Carse of Gowrie Sustainability Group.  This time last year, I took a step back whilst doing my MSc in Sustainability at Dundee University, a roller coaster for a fifty-four-year-old woman with an arts background.  However, I made it (whoop!) and I’m now able to reconnect with other things, including Learning for Sustainability SCOTLAND.

I attended the event with my colleague and our Group Secretary, Coral Bell. The event introduced the SDGs to Coral and re-engaged me with the framework they offer in bringing climate change, sustainability and low carbon futures (amongst other things) into the mainstream. We arrived in sustainable style – by electric car, pulling into the City Chambers forecourt and plugging-in to park and charge during the conference. We had not been to this venue before and we were both so impressed with the centrality of the venue for an event, including a fabulous downtown parking location for the electric car.

During my studies at Dundee University, the SDGs were not dealt with directly which, on reflection, seems a bit ironic. In looking at the bigger academic picture, I’d lost sight that the SDGs are key in representing 17 areas of the three pillars of sustainable development: planet, people, profit. However, the 17 goals were omnipresent, just not highlighted as a concept.

Coral and I quickly began to look at how we can embed the SDGs more effectively in our community work. This comes with a specific focus within the Carse of Gowrie Sustainability Group’s junior division, the Junior Carsonians (JC’s) who represent the six Carse Primary Schools – about 1000 children. The JC’s meet regularly to work collectively on climate change projects, often taking the work back to their own schools to be further developed and we’ll work towards using the Sustainable Development Goals to enhance their hard work.

All the presentations at the event were great in sharing ideas and projects that are happening across Scotland.  Email, twitter and facebook are all well and good but having the chance to sit, talk and debate with a diverse group of people for a few hours can just have great impact.  As Coral and I love a ‘bit of a debate’ we thoroughly enjoyed the group discussions which had a good amount of time allocated.

I’d just like to say thank you to the organisers and everyone’s generosity in sharing their experiences and expertise.

By the event close, the car was fully charged and ready to make the fifty-mile journey home!! Suffice to say, the conversation never stopped as Coral and I chatted enthusiastically about the day and how we can implement action in the Carse of Gowrie.

If you would like to introduce yourself and your work to our Learning for Sustainability Scotland community, or if you have a blog article you would like to write for us – download our blog guides and send your article to Abi Cornwall, Development Officer.

Vision 2030+, the Concluding Report of the Learning for Sustainability National Implementation Group, has been formally accepted and launched by Ministers.

The Report celebrates the progress that has been made by Scottish Schools and reaffirms the importance of LfS as an entitlement for all learners. It also sets out the vision for LfS through to 2030 – the target date for realising the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In launching the Vision 2030+ Report, Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP, Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science said, “It is now essential that we maintain the momentum and ensure that Learning for Sustainability is fully embedded across our approach to curriculum and our three over-arching strategic priorities for education: the National Improvement Framework, Scottish Attainment Challenge and Developing the Young Workforce. Learning for Sustainability has a crucial role in supporting and enhancing these priorities.”

Read the Vision 2030+ Report

Watch the video of the launch with the Minister (starting at 9:55). Also includes an introduction by Professor Pete Higgins and a presentation by Ms Irmeli Halinen, former Head of the Curriculum in Finland.

Read the Minister’s full statement about Vision 2030+ and Learning for Sustainability.

Taking Action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals across Communities & Schools Event

This SDG themed network forum event was jointly hosted by the SDGs task group and the newly formed Communities & LfS task group and set up to meet both group’s outcomes and objectives. 

It was also held after members responding to our annual members survey demonstrated a need and an interest in exploring the Sustainable Development Goals in both schools and communities contexts.

The event was attended by over 40 Learning for Sustainability Scotland members and was an insightful and inspiring day. As well as hearing from speakers in a traditional way, we held pecha kucha style presentations so that our members could share their SDGs work in a new and interesting way. We also hosted networking activities and interactive workshop sessions & discussions, so that participants could increase their understanding of SDGs in communities and schools and to identify the next steps that each task group should undertake to advance the objectives of the SDGs and to widen the scope of learning for sustainability in our communities.

For more information on the event, you can read the report here.

Slides & Presentations

Rehema White – Report Communities schools and the SDGs Nov 2017

Rachel Green, CDAS

Sara Smith RHET and SDGs

Scott Noble SDGs and Nature Unlimited

Charlotte Dwyer SDGs work in IDEAS network

Diarmid Lawlor ADS Learning Places

Fiona Ballantyne Refugee Womens Gp and SDGs

Fiona Ross Carse of Gowrie Sust Group and SDGs

Lusi Alderslowe SDGs & permaculture


If you would like to join either the Communities & LfS task group or the SDGs Task Group, please email Abi Cornwall, Development Officer for more information.