Scotland's United Nations Recognised Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development

Reports from the Meeting of the UK Regional Centre of Expertise in ESD – June 2017

LfS Scotland hosted a successful meeting of the UK Regional Centres of Expertise in ESD in Edinburgh in June 20th/21st 2017 with participants drawn from 6 RCEs from across the UK.

The aims of the programme were:

• Promoting the key values and actions needed to take forward SDGs at a time of insecurity and uncertainty
• Following up the European RCE meeting held in London June 2016
• Sharing the work of UK RCEs and learning from each other
• Promoting joint working across the UK RCEs and beginning to plan possible collaborative activities
• Enjoying networking with like-minded colleagues

You can download a full report of the meeting and copies of the presentations by clicking on the links below:


Final Report UK RCEs Seminar Scotland June 2017


Welcome to the UK RCE seminar 2017

Ros Wade Key points from 2016 European RCEs meeting

Margaret Fleming Global RCE conference 2016 feedback

SDGs introduction

Paul Bradley Open Government Partnerships

Esther Rutter Crafting a Better Future

Research Into Action Briefings. Available Now to Download.

The Research into Action Briefings series was written to support engagement with published educational research in relation to Learning for Sustainability across the schools education community. The following titles are available to view or download:

LfS Research Briefings – No.1: LfS and Attainment in Schools. 2016, Christie, B; Higgins, P.

LfS Research Briefings – No. 2: Impact of Outdoor Learning on LfS in Schools. 2016, Christie, B; Higgins P.

LfS Research Briefings – No 3: The Impact of Outdoor Learning on Attainment and Behaviour in Schools. 2016, Christie, B; Higgins P.

LfS Research Briefings – No.4: Learning for Sustainability – Effective Pedagogies. 2016, Christie B; Higgins P.

LfS Research Briefings – No.5: The UN Decade of ESD (UNDESD) 2005-­‐2014 & Beyond. A retrospective review. 2016, Christie, B; Higgins P.

General Election 2017 – All the Scottish Manifestos

With one week to go till the ballots are open for the General Election it’s likely that you already know who will get your all important vote.

If not, or if you have someone you’d like to persuade, it’s worth having a look at the manifestos for the major players in Scottish politics to see who is most in alignment with your views and the work that you do.

Listed in alphabetical order.



Meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in Initial Teacher Education in the UK: Progress and Opportunities

In September 2015, 193 countries across the world, including the UK, agreed the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  They set a challenge for every country to tackle poverty, inequality, climate change and sustainable development with Education, and learning as a central component. SDG 4 is specifically about education through all aspects of life, and target 4.7 relates to teacher education.

In this context the purpose of the seminar held on March 10th 2017  , organised by Learning for Sustainability Scotland, the Teacher Education for Equity and Sustainability Network (TEESNet) and the General Teaching Council for Scotland was for key teacher educators in UK ITE institutions to:

  • Share progress on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship( ESD/GC)  in ITE in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England
  • Connect  with  ITE practitioners  across UK and identify synergies
  • Identify opportunities for possible future advocacy and research collaboration

A report of the seminar can be found by clicking here.

Presentations from the seminar  are available  here:

The Global and Local Context for ESD & GC in ITE: Professor Peter Higgins, University of Edinburgh

ESD/GC in the UK Regions: Findings of TEESNet UK Research: Andrea Bullivant, Teacher Education for Equity and Sustainability Network

UNESCO 2017: Teacher education, ESD and GC: Dr Doug Bourn, Development Education Research Centre, UCL

Global Intimacy: Learning to Love Your Planet (Pete Higgins TED talk)

Pete Higgins – Learning for Sustainability Scotland Director – is currently Professor of Outdoor and Environmental Education in the University of Edinburgh and is Dean in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. He is an advisor on environmental sustainability education to the Scottish Government, the UK Commission for UNESCO and other UK, European and international agencies.

In his TED talk, Pete discusses how addressing the biggest issue that has ever faced our species is a daunting prospect. When so many headlines seem to announce dangerous climate change, widespread biodiversity loss, and the impacts on our future and that of other species, it is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed. Peter Higgins knows the importance of taking positive steps towards sustainable futures, and the significance of developing an intimate relationship with our planet.
Click HERE to watch Pete’s TED talk.