Who Are We?

We are Scotland's Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development - acknowledged by the United Nations University

As Scotland’s United Nations Regional Centre of Expertise, we are part of a global network of RCEs throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. This international network allows regions and countries to share and learn from each other, and to establish or strengthen international partnerships.

Our office is hosted by the University of Edinburgh and we are part of the Moray House School of Education campus. Our members are based all over Scotland. We officially launched in November 2013 and you can read more about our background here

We are a growing network of educators, practitioners and key partners, all working together to embed learning for sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals into all that we do. We work across sectors, across all types of education, across the length and breadth of Scotland.

We do this through task groups, local and national events, creating opportunities for members to get together and by sharing best practice via social media, our website and monthly bulletin.

Our vision...

is for Learning for Sustainability to infuse the whole of Scottish society, building our capacity to contribute to sustainability - locally, nationally and globally.

Our mission...

is to work co-operatively with our members and partners to harness the transformative potential of Learning for Sustainability to support a sustainable world where:

  • People and communities value and are engaged with the natural environment;
  • Societies are inclusive and equitable
  • A vibrant economy contributes to flourishing ecosystems and social justice

What is Learning for Sustainability?

Learning for Sustainability is the umbrella term for sustainable development education, outdoor learning, global citizenship and social welfare. As you can see from the word cloud this encompasses a wide range of themes and approaches across all forms of education - formal and non formal.

We think the question should be - what isn’t Learning for Sustainability?

What do we do?

We empower our members to work together to deliver Learning for Sustainability (LfS) across all aspects of learning, to strengthen the understanding of LfS and to advance the practice of LfS so that it reaches its full potential across Scotland.


Work plans & reports


Our members can:

  • Take part in, or develop, a task group to enhance a specific area of work on Learning for Sustainability
  • Have a say in the future work and direction of Learning for Sustainability Scotland by attending our Annual General Meetings and voting on specific topics or ideas.
  • Network with like minded individuals across sectors and local authority areas at our tailored networking events
  • Attend workshops and seminars (often free to members) relevant to their sector
  • Access the vast range of resources, advice, consultations and policy documents available in the learning for sustainability community quickly and easily.

Join today for free and be part of a growing network of Scottish practitioners.

Steering Group

The work of LfS Scotland is guided by our Steering Group, highly committed individuals who are voted democratically by our members every two years. Steering Group meetings take place 4 times a year and are also attended by convenors of task groups.

The current Steering Group members are:

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Kate Campbell

Independent Consultant & co-vice Chair

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Andy Samuel

Lecturer at Abertay University

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Ullrich Kockel

Professor at Heriot-Watt University

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Kirsten Leask

Co-Vice Chair

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Ron McKay

Lecturer - Edinburgh College

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Rehema White

Academic & Chair of LfS Scotland

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Laura Curtis-Moss


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Rebecca Petford

Programme Manager - EAUC Scotland


Learning for Sustainability Scotland is run by a very small team who believe whole-heartedly in the potential of Learning for Sustainability as a vehicle for a more sustainable world.

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Pete Higgins

Director of RCE Scotland

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Betsy King

Development Manager

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Abi Cornwall

Development Officer