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LfS Scotland organises an ongoing programme of events and training course for members and non-members.  You can always find details of these on this page.  Members of LfS Scotland will get email updates about new events and courses as they are announced or follow us on Twitter to be kept up to date.

Event Information:

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    British Council: LfS Connecting Classrooms

    UHI Inverness College - 9 week fully funded online course

    Develop your practice, deliver the curriculum

    Connecting Classrooms is offering a new professional learning opportunity for primary and secondary teachers in Scotland to develop their practice in relation to Learning for Sustainability.

    This professional learning initiative by the University of Edinburgh and Learning for Sustainability Scotland in partnership with the British Council, is a timely opportunity for teachers to grapple with what LfS means, what existing and new core skills, values  and knowledge are required, and how this might all look in your school context. The professional learning is fully funded.

    Tailored to your professional learning needs

    Learning for Sustainability is about building the values, core skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to develop practices and take decisions for a sustainable future. It is also a core approach to delivering Curriculum for Excellence, enabling you to build links across subjects through themes such as children’s rights, global citizenship, and learning for a better world.

    What is being offered?

    This programme offers teachers the opportunity to engage and collaborate over a ten week period which includes a day-long participative face to face session at the beginning and at the end of the period, supported by fortnightly inputs from online materials and support from facilitators.

    This professional development opportunity aims to ensure you:

    • Critically consider the nature of teaching and learning within the context of Learning for Sustainability which includes Sustainable Development Education, Outdoor Learning and Global Learning.
    • In the context of the British Council’s Core Skills, reflect critically on developing the skills and dispositions required of teachers and learners related to Learning for Sustainability.
    • Apply in practice, and reflect upon the impact of, principles and practices of and approaches to Learning for Sustainability.
    • Work together towards the development of a Learning for Sustainability professional network for practitioners to support teacher learning and practice in Learning for Sustainability.


    Scotland is unique internationally in having a requirement for all teachers and education professionals to address Learning for Sustainability (LfS) in their practice to conform to the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) Professional Standards

    In addition, the Scottish Government signaled its intent to take a ‘whole school approach’ to LfS by accepting all 31 recommendations of the Ministerial Advisory’s Group ‘Learning for Sustainability Report’.  It also features as a priority in the recently revised Education Scotland ‘How Good Is Our School?’ (2015, HGIOS 4), being the only subject area mentioned in the list of priorities. This makes LfS development in Scotland one of the highest priorities in Scottish Education.

    What is asked of you?

    We will ask you to make a clear commitment to participate throughout the ten week programme.

    Before starting, we recommend you find a learning partner who can offer you support and advice throughout the training course. This could be an existing colleague who you meet with regularly to discuss your progress.

    We will ask you to try out some activities and ideas with your learners during the ten week period and before attending the final session.

    When and Where 2016


    Session 1: Saturday 10 September 2016 9.30 am to 3.30 pm, Inverness High School, Inverness

    After this session there will be fortnightly inputs with course materials over the 10 week period and ongoing opportunities for discussion, collaboration and reflection.

    Session 2: Saturday 19 November 2016 9.30 am to 3.30 pm, University of Highlands & Islands, Inverness

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