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Creative STAR Learning Company

Creative STAR is a social enterprise which provides support, training, advice and resources on many aspects of learning and play outdoors. Much of the consultancy work is ghost-written, behind-the-scenes stuff such as the Education Scotland Outdoor Learning Practical guidance document or Experiences and Outcomes guides.

Recently we worked with worked with the Forestry Commision Scotland to develop the Forest Kindergarten training course which is being adopted in a number of local authorities.

The founder, Juliet Robertson, writes an award winning blog “I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here” which receives almost half a million page views per yaer and is the ‘go to’ blog for outdoor learning and play ideas. The training, blog posts and Dirty Teaching book is underpinned by a sustainabile and rights-based approach to learning outdoors. We empower teachers to learning outdoors. We empower teachers and practitioners to make positive changes to their practice. After all, when you think outside, no box is needed…

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Twitter: @CreativeSTAR