One-to-one Partnerships

It’s easy to take part in the Connecting Classrooms programme, and there are a host of learning opportunities and support on offer to help you.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Connecting Classrooms Project Manager on 0131 650 9731 or at if you need any additional information or advice at any stage of your Connecting Classrooms journey.

How does a partnership work?

The one-to-one partnership route offers the following support. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at if you need any additional advice or support:

Why not upgrade your one-to-one partnership to a ‘network’ cluster partnership? This gives you the option to work on a virtual basis with your overseas partner school if you so wish; rather than organise reciprocal visits (although reciprocal travel funding would still be open to you once circumstances permit). You would be eligible for all of the funding and support available to a cluster. All you need to do is recruit a minimum of two ‘network’ schools in the UK. These are schools which are perhaps beginning their international partnerships work or Learning for Sustainability journey. Network schools don’t have their own individual partner schools overseas and would be joining your partnership in order to learn more from you and your overseas partner. Find out more on the Cluster Partnerships page.

Start your journey…

Follow the steps below to start your one-to-one partnership. Click on the pink hyperlinks below each step to view the resources you need for that step.

Step 1: Read the Teacher Handbook to find out more about your preferred route.

Step 2: Find an international partner school (if you don’t already have one).

Ensure that they’re from the list of eligible countries below.

Step 3: Complete your individual school self-evaluation form.

Send it to the Project Manager once you’ve completed it. Your international partner school doesn’t have to do this but they are very welcome to do so if they wish. You’ll then be introduced to your local advisor.

Step 4: Access 3 hours of free support from your local advisor – and get planning!

They can help you with your funding application, project planning, professional learning queries and signpost you to a wealth of resources to help you.

Step 5: Submit your funding application through the British Council’s online system.

Don’t worry about missing a funding deadline – applications will be assessed every quarter until December 2020. The next deadline is June 15 2020.

The grant of up to £3,000 contributes to the cost of one teacher from the UK travelling to visit the international partner and one teacher from the partner school travelling to the UK.

Step 6: A decision is made on your application by the British Council.

Step 7: You receive feedback on your application from the British Council.

Step 8: You take action based on the outcome of your funding application.

If you’re successful, then you’ll get 80% of your funding upfront and your project can get going! Click on the links below to access resources to help you.

If you’re unsuccessful, then you’re eligible for a further 1.5 hours of support from your local advisor to look at your application and help you reapply if you want. Regardless of the outcome, however, you’re still eligible to take part in our FREE professional learning opportunities.

Step 9: Submit your final project report.

Once it’s been checked over by the British Council, and if everything looks ok, you’ll receive the final 20% of your funding.

Step 10: Receive your International School Award.

You’ll receive the relevant level of the International School Award to recognise and highlight your achievements.

Remember, the Project Manager is available to answer any queries or questions you may have at any stage of your Connecting Classrooms journey. We look forward to hearing from you!