News & Blogs: Policy Advice and Responses

UNESCO position paper on the Future of ESD November 2018

Tue 20th November 2018 - Policy Advice and Responses

LfS Scotland’s response to the draft UNESCO position paper on the Future of Education for Sustainable Development What makes people act for sustainable development? How can education help make the transformation? UNESCO invites concerned stakeholders and the public to review the draft UNESCO position paper on the future of Education for Sustainable Development and share… [read more]

LfS Scotland and EAUC-Scotland  respond to the College Development Network’s Draft Professional Standards for College Lecturers

Thu 25th October 2018 - News, Policy Advice and Responses

EAUC-Scotland and Learning for Sustainability Scotland have submitted a joint response to the College Development Network’s draft of the revised Professional Standards for College Lecturers. In the response suggestions are offered to enhance the integration of sustainability within the Professional Standards, and to provide greater clarity about what is expected from lecturers. Read the letter… [read more]

UK implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals inquiry response

Fri 4th November 2016 - News, Policy Advice and Responses

View the official and complete parliamentary response document here.

LfS Scotland’s Response to the Environmental Audit Committee consultation

Tue 27th September 2016 - LfS Scotland Updates, Policy Advice and Responses

The Environmental Audit Committee consultation for 2016 was on The Sustainable Development Goals and the United Kingdom. Learning for Sustainability Scotland produced an official response and it is now available to read (along with our other policy documents) by clicking here.

Learning for Sustainability Scotland Policy Advice and Responses

Mon 13th June 2016 - Policy Advice and Responses

Learning for Sustainability Scotland has released a number of reports offering advice to our members on relevant policy issues and responding to particular political events. These reports are free to use for our members and are for sharing among networks, colleagues and anyone who is interested. Please do make sure that Learning for Sustainability Scotland… [read more]

Learning for Sustainability Policy Advice for Parliamentary Election

Tue 1st March 2016 - News, Policy Advice and Responses

At the AGM in December our members worked together to develop the framework for a policy advice document which could be used in parliamentary election manifestos. The policy advice lays out our aspiration for Scotland’s communities to be flourishing and equitable, valuing and living within environmental limits, supported by healthy and diverse ecosystems. The finalised… [read more]