Scotland's United Nations Recognised Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development

LfS Scotland and the SDE Network

Over the years the Sustainable Development Education Network (SDEN) has been a key organisation supporting the LfS movement in Scotland and the SDEN has been a major partner is setting set up LfS Scotland.  As LfS Scotland has grown, the SDEN has passed on the work it used to do to the new organisation.  This is to ensure that this work can meet the needs of a growing community and be strengthened through the addition of research and project activities.

The popular free, monthly e-bulletin the SDEN use to send out will continue to be published once a month by LfS Scotland and sent out to subscribers (click here if you are not already a subscriber and want to join the list).  In addition, the popular programme of professional development events, seminars and workshops that the SDEN were well known for will continue under LfS Scotland and will grow and develop over time.